Things are starting to happen in #Weymouth and #Portland (12/03/14)

It’s a fact of life that networks start slowly and take a while to get going. However, things are starting to happen with the #Weyforward network. This is an update written by Baron to someone he is collaborating with. It provides a really good summary of what had been quietly going on. Do please have a read and share it with your friends.

“There are two strands to the project.

1) Supporting the local council with consultation on the town master plan over the key sites around the train station, the marina and the peninsula. We have a pretty interesting architect (Sean Griffiths and developer (Pete Halsall helping the project and we are looking into having a TEDx on community development sometime this year.

2) Encouraging the community to come up with ideas, then push them forward through crowdsourcing via the Google+ community. My main focus is young people from or in the town as it ties in with my College role quite nicely. Obviously this overlaps with the consultation process as it can help push the master plan in line with ideas for clubs, businesses and so on and help the town work out if these ideas are viable. This has worked in other areas where votes suggest a market exists. On top of this I am using the Google+ community to help young people to take their own personal career interests forward by getting them in touch with like-minded individuals, businesses and action groups.

Overall we aim to inspire and encourage people (and especially young people) to take action and work together, creating opportunities as we go. So far we have a documentary made (final edit underway), a creative arts group being set up for young people, a community gallery bid being supported and worked on, a gaming competition in April, a LAN gaming festival also in April, the early stages of a pop-up art workshop that helps consult/find ideas, the long-term project with Safewise I mentioned at the start of this email, a number of little projects within the College, links with Dorset Eye (the community media hub)for young people to crowd edit and publish stories, a coders clubs being set up at Southill Primary School, a website for young people to upload and present their Weyforward work in the very early stages and the go ahead to help the town master plan. Young people have also published some of their ideas and got positive feedback from interested individuals, such as a Lowline pathway development (inspired by the New York Highline) that some of the more senior members of the community are going to push in the near future. Lots!

The website can be found here:

The Google+ Community can be found here: (you need to be logged in to get to this, but if you have any problems have a look for Weyforward Workspace in Google Communities

We also have social media channels: (we also have some somewhat amateur YouTube clips, but these will be replaced by small sections of the documentary at some point in March.

So, things are really starting to happen. We just have to keep on raising awareness and participating.

Here’s #Weyforward documentary maker Jess (ex-Budmouth now doing her finals at Winchester University) shooting at Weymouth station.

Things are starting to happen in #Weymouth and #Portland (12/03/14)
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