Weymouth Needs You - Raising Town Centre Master Plan Consultation Awareness

Things are ramping up with regards Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s desire (prompted by us in November 2013) to fully consult the community about what they want to see developed for the future of the town.

During a fun two hours in the Air 107.2FM High Noon studio of local DJ David James we somehow cooked up an event to see if we could a) gauge the appetite among the community for engagement in the master planning process and b) raise the awareness if it is (as we suspect) still stretching the cynical credulity of the rank and file Weymouthite.

Anyway, the #CondorMoment (we will miss you but want to make the most of your loss!) came to be, and despite consulting absolutely no one before making the decision on air on Air it is actually happening and, get this, the council called us and asked if they could play too. So they are helping with getting David’s two hour radio show outside broadcast on at the Pleasure Pier on Sunday 21st September from 11am until 1pm. They’re even paying for flyers and posters!

We just want to see and talk to as many of you that really care (some lovely council officers will be there to log your opinions too). We want you to contribute your dreams and desires for the peninsula site and others across town. This is a big opportunity to get the ball rolling and promote positivity. If we demand real consultation and engage with it who knows what great things can come to pass for the future of the town and its people for decades to come. Come with us on the journey of a lifetime!

Here’s how to get there and what is going to happen. See you there.

Weymouth Needs You - Raising Town Centre Master Plan Consultation Awareness
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