World-renowned sustainable developer offered to help Weymouth

Pete Halsall builds things that benefit local communities in every way. He also raises the money to do it (hundreds of millions of pounds). He told us in February 2013 that he could raise £150m to build something iconic for the community on the Pavilion peninsula.

Pete said, “The key role for the regeneration developer and council is then one of enabling participation – both in terms of creating and sustaining a ‘community of interest’ – as well as in enabling local businesses, developers, and community groups to be part of the project as well.”

Pete met Weymouth & Portland Borough Council with us in November 2013 to ask for a charrette. They agreed to a charrette and they also asked Pete if he could help. He said “Yes”. Unfortunately things changed at the council and we didn’t get to have the charrette.

Work with Pete to improve the town you live in for the next 100 years. Become and Agent of Change and share your ideas with us.

World-renowned sustainable developer offered to help Weymouth
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