Coming Soon....a Regeneration First for both Weymouth & Portland AND the country!

Coming soon to Weymouth and Portland We have been working on a plan to transform Weymouth & Portland from the floor up. Some of our projects are live (Ideas League in local schools, sea swim centre, Leviathan maritime literary festival) others are being worked on but have not been announced yet. But all of our projects have something in common…they all began as ideas on the Ideas League part of our website and then through the drive, vision and enthusiasm of their originators they have become reality.

Now we want to create more of them, a lot more, and also give them all the best possible chance to grow and become big successes. To enable that to happen we have turned Weyforward into a community interest company (CIC – non profit) and conducted a lot of research. This has lead us to write a business plan and develop a truly innovative financial model that is designed to transform the local economy and will be a first not only for Weymouth & Portland but also for the country.

We are very excited about our plan and how it will impact the future of our community. We hope you will be excited too :-)

Soon we will be sharing more information about our plans and explaining how you can support us and get involved from the start.

Coming Soon....a Regeneration First for both Weymouth & Portland AND the country!
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