Weymouth Basic Income votes in first Level 2 project

We are delighted and excited to announce that the monthly Doers Dojo received a pitch from Darryl Stephenson and voted to support his project, Action Facilitate. We are sure AF will be a vital cog in the development of our plan. Here’s Darryl’s take on it all…

“Over the past few months Action Facilitate (AF) has been working with Weyforward, a Community Interest Company based in Dorset UK. We have been working on a project to bring a commercially viable form of the Universal Basic Income to the residents of Weymouth & Portland, it is called the Weymouth Basic Income or WBI. In essence the aim is to fund people to pursue their dreams and aspirations whilst delivering some form of benefit to members of the local community. We have received support from Borough Councillors and MP’s across political parties, with plenty of positive press, so we are moving into the funding stages of the project with a Crowd Funder Campaign soon to be launched (watch this space).

The process to receive Weymouth Basic Income is as follows

Step 1 – Have an idea that would help both you and the community.

Step 2 – Tell us about it and we will give you £100 to go and investigate your idea further, at this point you become a Level 1 Action Group.

Step 3 – Come back to us with a plan that shows a benefit to the community and we will invest £500 per month in YOU to make it happen, at this point you become a Level 2 Action Group.

Step 4 – When you are successful all we ask is that 50% of any profit you generate is reinvested into the Weymouth Basic Income Scheme to allow us to support more community ideas.

After 5 years the model is self sustaining and will deliver a profound improvement in quality of life to a wide section of the community. This process is supported by a strong business model and a highly motivated and capable team.

It is a very exciting project to be part of so we at AF decided to get truly involved. We felt we had a lot to offer the local community when it came to helping them bring their ideas to life, and they agreed. At the last Weyforward Community Meeting we presented a plan to become a Level 2 Action Group, aimed not only at supporting Local & National Businesses but also Residents with ambition. I am very happy and proud to say that the plan was positively received and AF was given the go ahead.

So, Action Facilitate is a Level 2 Action Group under the Weyforward CIC, which means we now have twice the Action (Double AF). It means that as well as supporting local residents via the Ideas League we also support the Weyforward community by giving 50% of our profits to fund projects and businesses that deliver a social benefit. So by choosing to work with us at AF to plan and deliver your Meetings, Workshops & Events you are helping us to help real people achieve their hearts desire, while improving the world we all live in.

More updates to follow, thanks for reading and if you want to know more please just send me a message.”

You can learn more and book Darryl to make your meetings more productive here: https://www.action-facilitate.co.uk

Weymouth Basic Income votes in first Level 2 project
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